Welcome back. Again. is the first and largest guro imageboard in the world, and one of the largest guro websites in the world. In this website, you may post on boards that serve a variety of topics, from regular gore and death, to freakish abominations, and literature for days. You can find the old gurochan archives at and our status page at

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What is G3?

G3 is a set of sister sites comprising of gurochan, gorechan, and loliboard. Gurochan is the first and largest ever guro imageboard, and one of the largest guro websites. Gorechan is its relatively new sister, as the name implies, its for real-life gore. Finally, loliboard, is the newest addition to this trio. It is for lolicon pornography, loli guro, and other topics.


G3, SOFTWARE, AND A NEW FRONT PAGE — by Gurochan Staff at 2/23/21
As you may have noticed, a couple things have changed.

As we prepare to roll out the new software next month, we have, in preperation, made some new additions and tidied up some pages. We have also made public G3, part of a gurochan expansion update. On March 14th, due the next software, the /p2p/ and /req/ boards will be brought back. We will migrate the posting software, and launch the 2 new G3 sites.

These are big changes, and we may be down for about an hour preceeding the big change. Enjoy!

P.S. - We have a Twitter account now. Please follow it for status updates and other news.

BLAME THE WEATHER — by Gurochan Staff at 2/17/21
my internet lines froze over. sorry for the downtime.

STATUS UPDATE — by Gurochan Staff at 2/15/21
Board Poll

Since I have started gurochan again, I have recieved, on multiple different occasions in my email, and on the discussion board, requests for a loli board, or for it to be contained to 1 thread. I, am personally neutral on this, and am fine with adding such things, but I would like to ask the community beforehand. Please Vote on this poll.. If the vote for a loli board wins, I will make one, if not, it will remain free on all boards.

*Poll ends in 1 week.

Software Development

The new software, a custom made one tailored to fit gurochan is in the works and doing fine. I covered this in a previous newspost, but I feel its worth reiterating. The software is expected to be finished by mid march, and will contain all the features asked for. It should also run significantly faster.

Decided! — by Gurochan Staff at 2/06/21
We have came to the descision of using a kolymanet-based software. We will need to work with it for a bit before implimenting, that way we can port posts from this current software to the new one. i.e. - no post resets necessary.

Please carry on posting as regular, the software replacement will come relatively soon.

Software — by Gurochan Staff at 2/06/21
Gurochan currently uses the TinyIB software, which was set up in a rush immediatley after Gurochan was brought back. The last instance of gurochan used Vichan. Vichan is much more feature rich and fast than gurochan, and contains most everything that everyone in /dis/ has requested.

As we enter our 2nd week of gurochan, we have filled up most boards with dozens of threads, with thousands of posts already. As far as I know, there is no way to migrate posts from TinyIB to vichan. Which leaves us with a dilemma

  1. Switch back to vichan and gain all of the features back, but lose all the posts we made since the 29th of january.
  2. Stay on TINYIB, lose the features permanently (no catalog, search, etc). But keep all our posts.

I'll let you decide. Please discuss this here.

Requests go where?? — by Gurochan Staff at 2/01/21

archives — by Gurochan Staff at 1/31/21

('· ω · `) — by Gurochan Staff at 1/31/21
Navigation links have been restored to the top of the page. Frames have been made optional and some issues with posts not loading have been fixed, though you may have to refresh the page after you make a post before it will show up.

What about the old posts?
An archive of posts made from 2014-Onward will be made publicly avaliable sometime next month. Due to the size of the archive (about 79GB.), it is going to take some engineering to transfer them to the new servers, and make them able to be browsed through.

What about the spammers/trolls?
As gurochan has been absorbed into the greater sphere of imageboards in the Kolyma Network, a sizable team of moderators has been employed to help deal with potential problems in this area.

New Boards — by Gurochan Staff at 1/30/21
I have added several old boards back, including lit, and introduced a new upload board for uploading very large files, zipped files, etc. There is also a discord channel linked in the frames, that I highly recommend you visit.

Revived — by Gurochan Staff at 1/29/21 - revived! but under a new domain name.

Updates, themes & more! — by admin at 03/29/19
We added tons of improvements all around the site. (Bye bye 90s-style frameset.) There is now a long overdue rules page too.

And themes! Light and dark. Change at the bottom of any board. But which one should be the default? You decide!

Please give comments and feedback in the feedback thread.

What is dead may never die — by admin at 12/02/18
Welcome back!

Recreated the whole gurochan on a vanilla vichan on a new server. So we're back in business for now.

It's the very minimum to get things working so some things might be missing and will hopefully be added soon.

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